Credit Eureka, a Leading Insurance Agency Offering EXIM Bank Export Credit Insurance, Announces EXIM Page Update

August 3, 2017

San Francisco, California – August 2, 2017. Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce an information update to its page on EXIM Bank export credit insurance services. Credit Eureka is an EXIM approved agency, assisting exporters with export credit insurance also known more generally as “trade credit insurance.” Continue reading

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Leading Trade Credit Insurance Agency, Credit Eureka Announces Post on Accounts Receivable Puts (AR Puts)

July 29, 2017

San  Francisco, California – July 28, 2017. Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce a new post on the topic of “Accounts Receivable Puts” or “AR Puts.” With recent bankruptcies and fears of bankruptcies in the retail sector, there is growing anxiety about customer insolvency risks to suppliers in 2017/2018. Continue reading

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Trade Credit Insurance: The Benefits of an Agency

July 5, 2017

There are many reputable investment grade rated companies that offer trade credit insurance, and we work with nearly all of them. Trade credit insurance, of course, is an innovative insurance product that can help any business grow by allowing you to do business with, and accept orders from, customers that can literally be on the other side of the globe. Any business person worth his or her salt will tell you that there are risks involved in working with a new client, not the least of which is the risk of nonpayment. These risks are magnified by distance, especially when that distance crosses an international border. Continue reading

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Demand Rises for AR Puts After Gymboree’s Bankruptcy

June 23, 2017

Recently, Gymboree became another leveraged retailer to file Chapter 11 for relief from the ‘Amazon Effect’ on consumer spending behavior.  The bankruptcy filing will leave many unsecured creditors with little or nothing.  Related to this announcement, Fitch Ratings announced Monday its retail sector institutional term loan trailing 12-month default rate moved to 2.7% from 1.7%. By the end of the year, Fitch predicts the rate will rise to 9% — a threefold increase — a number that assumes a default by Sears. Continue reading

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Credit Eureka Announces New Business Credit Insurance Informational Page

June 7, 2017

San Francisco, California – June 7, 2017. Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce a new information page specific to the topic of business credit insurance. Many individuals and businesses may be unfamiliar with the evolving uses for “trade credit insurance.”  The new page is a Web-savvy way of reaching out and empowering them on new applications as they search for this alternative credit product and its innovative marketplace. Continue reading

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