Leading Trade Credit Insurance Agency, Credit Eureka Announces Ambitious Website Upgrades

Credit Eureka, a leading provider of trade credit insurance, is proud to announce a new information page specific to the topic of business credit insurance. Many individuals and businesses may be unfamiliar with the evolving uses for “trade credit insurance.”  The new page is a Web-savvy way of reaching out and empowering them on new applications as they search for this alternative credit product and its innovative marketplace. Continue reading

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After-Christmas Sales Start Early in Credit Markets

The holidays.  Fiscal year and quarter end approaches.  In addition to holiday shopping, for Finance executives there are a number of things at the office that need to be crossed off the list.  The last thing you want to hear before year end is that the foreign and key customer AR is deemed ineligible by your lender, Eximbank, or EDC for your company’s working capital finance programs. Continue reading

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Why use an independent agency instead of directly engaging an insurer?

model-t-fordHenry Ford said it best; “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

There are over 16 different credit insurance companies operating in North America. Even more when we include those offshore. 75% of the insurers do not sell directly, working only through specialty agencies. However 100% of the insurers sell via specialty agencies – including the direct sellers. Continue reading

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Grapes of Wrath

okies“Well, Okie use’ta mean you was from Oklahoma. Now it means you’re a dirty son-of-a-bitch. Okie means you’re scum”

– John Steinbeck, “Grapes of Wrath”

After telling migrants from fellow EU countries Spain, Poland, Italy, etc. “you’re not welcome here”, BREXIT campaigners want the world’s manufacturing and financial services companies to believe a favored commercial relationship will be the outcome of the EU negotiations. As Americans, it is hard to fathom why a state would vote to change its laws to bar children from the other 49 from working there.  Yet that appears to be what England has chosen to do.  New Prime Minister May is known for hard views over free movement of labor. Continue reading

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