Introducing Crediteureka’s Self Directed Supply Chain financings™

COVID-19 and the related volatility to business has been bad enough. Why take unnecessary risk? With Self-Directed Supply Chain Financings from Crediteureka, you can avoid surprises to your cashflow, increase your flexibility for acquiring customers and expand liquidity to your supply chain with a proven trade finance risk management partner.


  1. More Control
  2. Much Higher Credit Lines Available
  3. Cost Savings

Expand liquidity available for your Supply Chain

Access to Cash

With our Self-Directed Supply Chain protection, your financial institution will typically lend against your insured invoices for 90% of their value, significantly increasing your access to cash.

Access to Cash

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Insuring your sales allows you to offer more competitive payment terms to win contracts, without the risk.

Risk Management

You work hard every day to grow your business. But every time you send a shipment or provide a service, there’s a chance you won’t get paid. Mitigate risk of nonpayment with crediteureka‘s Self Directed Supply Chain Financings, if a customer doesn’t pay you, we’ll cover up to 90% of your insured losses.

Discover the flexibility and control of Self-Directed Supply Chain Financing