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Grow Your Business with Trade Credit Insurance

While lenders do offer farm loans, to qualify growers need to meet the lenders expectations of an income track record, and valuable assets to put up as supporting collateral. These loans are not necessarily crafted to support the sales growth cycle; in particular, banks typically decline to support the export related sales growth cycle. Great news! It is possible to use export sales related AR to help finance overseas growth. CreditEureka has experience working with bankers to create programs that unlock the full potential of this readily available and efficient form of collateral.

For information purposes only, the table below summarizes some of the experience unlocking additional lending for sales to a range of export customers:

* Available for sales in USD or local currencies.
Customer Country Growers AR Available Collateral when Not Insured Available Collateral when Insured *
Kingdom Green Singapore $400 $0 $320
Lotus (Tesco) Thailand $200 $0 $160
Park’n Shop Australia $50 $0 $40
Park’n Shop China $200 $0 $160
Promina Enterprise Co Ltd Taiwan $3,000 $0 $2,400
Price Costco Mexico Mexico $100 $0 $80
Segar Kumala Indonesia $250 $0 $200
Shine Bee Food Corporation Phillipines $40 $0 $32
Sunharvest Ltd China $50 $0 $40
Tairoku Corporation Japan $40 $0 $32
Topmade Enterprises Ltd Canada $10 $0 $8
Increase in Loan Amount Available from Bank → $3,472

Established. Quick. Inexpensive.

Fortunately, one financial market is ready to help Western growers. A solution flexible enough for growers to tailor to their individual operations. Vendors competing to help growers. Without requiring yet another lien or pledging more personal assets. Assignable to the growers lender of choice.

To find out how growers can increase their overseas sales tonnage, using the banks money and not more of their own security, your operations can seize the opportunities with these customers, … this opportunity will not sail by or over American farmers.